EXELPrint Case Studies

Ready for Hire Tags

Orange Hire

We needed to create a bold, durable tag that would clearly convey when equipment is 'ready for hire.' The tag includes many unique custom options, and was printed with our latest digital press.

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Falls Creek Ski LiftsAsset Tags

Falls Creek Ski Lifts

We created a heavy-duty Asset Tag that will withstand exteme conditions. These tags were produced with our most durable materials, and include customised barcodes and data options.

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Newcastle Kayak ClubPromotional Labels

The Newcastle Kayak Club

Tricky applications are our speciality - see how we designed and produced some heavy-duty waterproof Promotional Stickers, which will also be used to create an asset register.

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Falls Creek Ski LiftsCustom Electrical Test Tags

Reece Group 

We produced a professional quality custom Test Tag, that showcases the company branding. These tags are hard-wearing and feature our unique self-laminating security flap.  

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