Label Printing Material Guide

Choosing the right material for your label is not as simple as we think; there are simply too many options. We recognise this challenge and have created a guide that explains what each material offers and which products or industries they are best suited to.

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Moisture Resistant
Clear PVC
As the name suggests clear PVC is a transparent film that is stabilised without the use of any heavy metals which makes it a bit more environmentally friendly. Clear PVC has strong resistance to moisture as well as chemicals and...
Beverage, Food, & Industrial Use 
Semi Gloss
One of the most widely utilised materials for label printing. This material is intended for labels that are applied to industrial, food, and beverage products. Semi gloss paper works well in low temperatures and is...
High Durability
Industrial Strength PVC
This ultra-strong thick self adhesive PVC has high weatherability at high and low temperatures. Which means if you require a label that can be used in harsh environments, is UV resistant, and provides exceptional durability, then this is...
Chemical Resistant
Matt Silver PET
Silver, matt top-coated polyester film is designed as a universal durables labelling solution, providing excellent adhesion and print resistance against chemicals, UV-light, heat, and moisture for the life of the labelled product.
Easily Removable 
Removable Polypropylene
Similar to polypropylene material in terms of the texture and print quality, the only fact that sets this material apart from the one above is that removable polypropylene features an acrylic removable adhesive that...
Flexible Application
PE Clear Wraparound
Product with multiple uses for conformable and squeezable applications. The translucency of the material provides a no-label look. Because of its flexibility, PE Clear is used in wraparound labels. This material is resistant to....
Oil & Water Resistant
Polypropylene is a glossy finish material that is best to be used for labels that go on any food, beverage, home or personal care products. This material offers high grade print quality & is exceptional for applications...
For Contoured Surfaces
Textured Paper - Premium Fridge Grade
This material is designed using sugar cane waste for wine label applications, particularly where resistance to moisture ingress is required. Even after prolonged immersion in water, the...
Oil, Water, & Chemical Resistant
This material is essentially used for barcode labels, name plates, warning, instruction, or identification labels, or wherever a long-term solution is required: For example, electronic components, motors, domestic and industrial machines such as...
UV Resistant
Industrial Polypropylene
Our semi-gloss polypropylene film is ideal for labels that require oil, water, and chemical resistance. This material is ideal for stickers used on industrial items which require heavy-duty labels that can last a long time.
For Contoured Surfaces
Clear Polypropylene
PP Clear Gloss is a clear polypropylene top coated film that is ideal for label application on a variety of difficult and contoured surfaces. PP materials are ideal for applications that require resistance to water, oil, and chemicals, such as...
Beverage & Food Application 
Silver Polypropylene
This material is quite similar to clear PP, only difference being that it's top coated with silver polypropylene film produced with a brilliant gloss surface for crisp colour reproduction and optimum print results. Designed for...
High Adhesion
Semi Gloss Paper for Cold Store
Product designed for general-purpose multi-color labels in ambient and chilled conditions for packaged food, homecare, and logistics applications. Especially useful if the application surface is...
Wine & Beverage Application
Semi Gloss Paper for Premium Wine
Top quality high gloss paper, suitable for all wine and beverage applications as well as premium food labelling. Finished with a varnish for added moisture resistance. This premium paper...
UV & Plasticiser Resistance
Tough, long-lasting polymeric film that is resistant to oils, chemicals, and some solvents. Vinyl has good UV and plasticiser resistance, as well as good adhesion to a variety of surfaces.