Electrical Test Tags

Test Tag Labels are primarily used for the test and tag industry, whereby electrical appliances are visually inspected and electrically tested in accordance with AS/NZS 3760. Based on the appliance passing the relevant tests, it is placed with a test tag to show that it has indeed been tested, and whether it has passed or failed. If you're looking to customise your label, we also specialise in custom test tags which are a simple time-saving solution.

Light Duty Test Tags
Light Duty Tags are perfectly suited to non-hostile environments and are the most cost-effective test tag option. These tags are highly durable, tear resistant and UV stable.
  • Cost-effective
  • Tear resistant
  • Ideal for low-traffic areas
Failed Tags
These highly visible Failed Test Tags are an essential component for showing that an appliance has failed a test.
  • For items that fail
  • Clearly visible
  • Danger symbol on tag
Heavy Duty Test Tags
Heavy Duty Test Tags come with a self-laminated coating for extra durability, as well as containing a security flap to ensure your printed information remains safe. They are able to withstand the harshest of environments and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Comes supplied in packets of 100 tags.
  • Unique security flap
  • Used for all environments
  • Most popular option
Industrial Test Tags
Industrial Strength Tags contain all-round superior strength, making them ideal for harsh locations. They are extremely durable and both temperature and tear resistant.
  • Extra strong adhesive
  • Ideal for construction sites
  • Unique clip
New To Service Test Tags
These New To Service Tags are essential for tagging new equipment to help ensure they remain compliant. It communicates that the equipment has not been tested to the AS/NZS 3760 standard, but will require testing in the future.
  • For new equipment
  • Security flap
  • Heavy duty design
Hi-Vis Failed Tag
High Visibility Failed Tags are designed to clearly show that an item has not passed a particular test. This ensures the appliance is not used accidentally and increases the overall safety of the workplace.
  • Very bright tag
  • Ensure appliance is not used
  • Highly noticeable
Custom Made
Customised Test Tags
Customised Test and Tag Labels are used as a way to help save yourself time by avoiding writing tags by hand, as well as offering an easier way to keep track of the appliances you test. Data that's placed on the tag is pre-printed, along with a company logo.
  • Include your company logo
  • All colours available
  • Pre-printed data
Flag Tag Industrial Strength
These Flag Test Tags is the strongest and most durable tag available on the market, used primarily for heavy industrial use and the mining sector. Tags are supplied in packets of 100.
  • Highly Durable
  • Industrial & harsh environment
  • Easy to remove
Second Hand Equipment Test Tags
These Second Hand Test Tags are particularly used by customers selling second hand electrical equipment. They meet the AS/NZS5761:2011 Standards and come in a pack of 100 tag along with a marker pen.
  • Strong self-adhesive
  • Marker pen
  • Australian Made
Protag Elite Ribbon
The Protag Elite Ribbon compatible with the Protag Elite Printer.
  • Compatible With Protag Elite Printer
  • Black Resin Ribbon
  • 500 Tags
Large RCD Test Tags
If you are required to test RCD's, these Large RCD Test Tags are an essential accessory.
  • Record trip time and trip current
  • Durable
  • Strong self-adhesive
Small RCD Test Tags
If you are required to test RCD's, these small RCD Test Tags are an essential accessory.
  • Record trip time and current
  • Permanent Marker Pen
  • Moisture Resistant
Surface Mount Test Tags
Surface Mount Test Tags are considerably smaller than normal test tags and stick directly on the item, making them ideal for specific appliances.
  • Smaller than standard tags
  • Perfect for USB chargers
  • Surface mounted
Primetest Elite Direct Thermal Tags
The Elite thermal transfer tags were designed to be used on a wide selection of printers, from the ProTag Elite Tag Printer, Zebra QL 420, Printek and P4T Bluetooth Printer.
  • Applicable for a variety of printers
  • Rolls of 250
  • Durable synthetic stock
Heavy Duty Printable Tags
Heavy-duty printable tags are ideal for industrial and workshop environments and are mostly suited to Wavecom and Metrel Thermal Transfer printers.
  • Durable & Tear Resistant
  • Supplied in a Roll of 250
  • For Wavecom & Metrel Printers
Zebra Printable Tags
These Metrel thermal transfer tags were designed to be used with Zebra printer.
  • Designed for Metrel & Wavecom printers
  • 500 tags per roll
  • White panel for barcodes
Supernova Thermal Transfer Tags
These high quality and durable thermal transfer tags are designed to be used with the Seaward printers.
  • Used with Seaward
  • Highly durable
  • White panel for barcode
OPTIMA Direct Thermal Tags
The OPTIMA Direct Thermal Tags are both high quality and extremely durable. They are specifically designed to be used with Seaward's OPTIMA Direct Thermal Printer. Usefully, they include a white panel for any barcodes.
  • Used with OPTIMA printer
  • Roll of 250
  • Durable synthetic stock
Thermal Ribbons
These Thermal Ribbons provide durable print to synthetic printable tags and are used with all common Test & Print Packs.
  • Full Resin. Extra Durable
  • Prints Approx 5,700 Tags
  • For Use With Common Test & Print Packs
Zebra Narrow Thermal Ribbon
This Narrow Thermal Ribbon can produce approx. 1700 tags and is suitable for either a TSC printer or Zebra 2844 printer. It can come with either full resin or wax resin.
  • Produces approx. 1700 tags per roll
  • Full or wax resin
  • Designed for Zebra printer
Zebra Small Thermal Ribbon
This Narrow Thermal Ribbon produces approx. 700 tags and is suitable for either a TSC printer or Zebra 2844 printer. It can also come with either full resin or wax resin.
  • Produces approx. 700 tags per roll
  • Full or wax resin
  • Designed for Zebra printer
Clear Protective Overlay
These durable Clear Protective Overlays will protect printable tags from any damage, moisture or exposure.
  • Used for printable tags
  • Extra durability
  • Protection against moisture
Wrap Around Barcode
Leads and appliances can be discreetly identified with these easy to use barcode labels.
  • Permanent Adhesive
  • UV stable
  • Customisable barcode numbers