Lifting & Rigging Tags

EXELPrint specialises in manufacturing a range of different Lifting and Rigging Inspection Tags for harsh environments and industrial use. You can choose to have your rigging tags customised to your particular application and preference, or you can simply pick the standard option which is pre-packaged. Whichever option you use, we guarantee and stand by its toughness and quality.

Custom Made
Harness Inspection Tags
Harness tags and stickers specifically show the inspection and identification information to ensure the safety of users and prevent falls. They are used primarily for harnesses, lanyards and other fall arrest equipment.
  • Inspection and identification info
  • Dual clasping feature
  • Made from high grade nylon
Off The Shelf
Next Inspection Due Tags
These Next Inspection Due Tags are perfect for periodic inspection schedules. They can be used in a wide-variety of safety gear, such as lifting and rigging and harness inspection. To suit your particular requirements, they're available in either 175mm and 300mm, and come in packets of 100.
  • All periodic inspection colours
  • 175mm and 300mm sizing
  • Unique clasping feature
Off The Shelf
Next Inspection Due Tags Starter Pack
This starter pack contains everything you need for keeping track of periodic inspection schedules. It includes 400 tags in total (100 tags of each colour in either 175mm or 300mm), an optional permanent marking pen and tension pliers.
  • 400 Inspection Due Tags
  • Optional tension plier
  • Optional marker pen
Custom Made
Custom Lifting & Rigging Tags
Ideal for periodic inspections in the lifting and rigging industry, these tags provide industrial grade quality that will withstand the harshest of environments, while also conforming to ISO 9001 Standards. They can also be used for a wide variety of safety gear, such as harnesses and lanyards.
  • Industrial grade quality
  • Perfect for harsh environments
  • Full customisation