Barcode Labels & Stickers

We manufacture and customise a complete selection of barcode labels, stickers and tags ranging from asset labels, QR code labels and Identification stickers.

Whether it's to track stock, protect valuable assets, create an asset register or to have customers scan your QR code - we can help provide a barcode label solution that will suit your particular requirements.

All barcode and asset labels and stickers are EAN & UPC certified, 100% custom made and manufactured in Australia.

Asset Labels & Stickers
Our Asset Labels can be fully customised, whether it's your company logo, QR or barcode code or sequential numbering. Design YO asset labels and order online!
  • Protect/track valuable assets
  • Create an asset register
  • Fully customised to your requirements
Identification Labels
ID Labels are ideally suited for tracking the movement of stock and inventory management to ensure your items are tracked accurately and protected.
  • Track stock and inventory
  • Customised to your needs
  • Create asset tracking system
Custom Made
QR Code Labels
QR code Labels & Tags allow you to take a printed product and bring it to life, as you'll be able to link to resources such as websites, videos, images and promotional material. It can also be used in a variety of different ways, such as creating an asset register or tracking assets.
  • Specialised QR labels
  • Solution-based options
  • Sequentially numbered
Custom Filing Labels
Our filing labels are used by a huge range and diversity of businesses, ranging from offices, schools, medical, warehouses and legal. They can be customised to your particular needs, no matter how big or small it is.