Industrial Strength

We pride ourselves on manufacturing durable labels that can withstand the harshest of industrial environments, as well as providing customisable options for different applications and industries. Industrial labelling solutions is a speciality of ours, as we utilise high-grade materials and unique print technology to ensure your label is suitable for any type of environment you throw at it. 

Calibration Labels
Our Calibration and QC Labels ensure you meet the relevant requirements for your industry, whether it be monthly or yearly testing.
Traffolyte Labels
EXELPrint specialises in manufacturing and engraving Traffolyte labels for a wide variety of applications, including industrial and electrical use. They provide unmatched toughness and can be completely customised to your particular needs - whether it be the size, thickness, colour, texture or application.
Wrap Around Cable Labels
These Self Laminating Wrap Around Stickers are ideal for when you need to identify something round or circular, like cords or cables. They can be customised to suit your particular requirements.
  • Ideal for cords and cables
  • Self-laminating Flap
  • Custom made to suit your needs
Embossable Labels
These Embossable Labels and Stickers have a soft satin and aluminium finish which can be embossed by using either a ball-point pen or typewriter. You can fully customise these aluminium tags, making them perfect for writing in contact information, expiration dates and inspection details.
  • Aluminium finish
  • Tamper-evident
  • Indoor and outdoor use
Industrial Labels
Manufacturing Industrial Labels is a specialty of ours, as we provide a complete labeling solution for all types of industries and applications. We guarantee our durable tags will withstand any environment you throw at it.
  • Extra strong self-adhesive
  • Can withstand all environments
  • Designed for different applications
Machine Safety Labels
Our machine safety labels are fully customisable to accommodate a variety of different safety needs and hazards. All of our machinery labels are extremely durable and designed to withstand the harshest of environments, while also remaining highly visible to all workers.
  • Designed for heavy machinery
  • All warnings and hazards
  • Perfect for harsh environments
Safety Stickers
Safety Stickers are commonly used to meet OHS obligations for a wide range of industries and applications. We manufacture them using only the highest grade materials to ensure they can withstand the harshest of environments. They can also be customised to include any kind of message or warning you want to highlight.
  • Meet OHS obligations
  • Danger and warning labels
  • Durable design
Inspection Labels
Inspection Labels are used for keeping track of inspection and certification details, as well as ensuring the item is checked and serviced at the right time. You can have complete control over every facet of your inspection label, meaning it can be printed with any type information and cut to any size or shape.
  • Heavy duty design
  • Keep track of inspections
  • Customisable sizes and designs