Custom Label and Tag Options

Tags and labels, unique to you.

We cater to a wide range of requests, and no application is too tricky. Here are just some of the options and features we offer so you can customise your product to suit your needs.

Indoor Icon INDOOR


We manufacture custom indoor products to stand the test of time. If you require a high quality, multi-use product, this custom option is for you.

Outdoor Icon OUTDOOR


Outdoor labels and tags are created to be the next level of durability and toughness. These products will easily withstand extreme temperatures and environments, without fading, tearing or falling off.

Heatproof Icon HEATPROOF


We use a specialised synthetic material to create heatproof products. For products that need to have high temperature resistance, for example, labels in a commercial kitchen, heatproofing is an ideal custom option.

Construction and Mining Icon CONSTRUCTION & MINING

Construction and Mining

Products that will be used in the Construction or Mining industries need to be resistant to a number of different factors. If you require labels or tags that will be used in these industries, we can customise them to ensure they meet the specifications.

Strength-Icon STRENGTH


There are many different features that can added to products to increase their strength. We have a variety of extra strong materials we can print on, or for some products like custom test tags, we can add clear flap to protect your information.

Waterproof Icon WATERPROOF


Protect your products from all kind of liquids or water with waterproofing. We use a specialised high quality stock, to ensure your waterproof labels will last in a range of wet environments.

Add Logo Icon ADD LOGO

Add Logo

The ultimate custom option. Make your products completely unique while also showcasing your brand. We can add custom logos to most products in many different sizes.

Budget Paper Icon BUDGET PAPER

Budget Paper

Affordability is an import aspect of any purchase, that’s why we provide a range of different papers and printing materials to suit all budgets.

Barcode Icon BARCODE


Keep track of your important assets or equipment by adding Barcodes to your custom barcode labels and stickers. They can be created in many different shapes and sizes, and we can number them however you would like. Simply let us know how many and what number to start at.

QR Codes Icon QR CODE

QR Codes

QR Labels utilise the latest technology by using 2-dimensional codes that be scanned on your Smart Device. It can either be used as a marketing tool for your customers (taking them to a link you've supplied), or for internal use within a company, such as creating an asset register.

Full Colour Icon FULL COLOUR

Full Colour

We use the most advanced digital inkjet printing technologies, so you can be confident we can produce any colour or shade you may require.

Variable Data Icon VARIABLE DATA

Variable Data

You can choose the information you would like included on your tags and labels. With the variable data option, you can include slogans, checklists or custom fields for different information just to name a few. The choice is yours.

Chemical Resistance Icon CHEMICAL RESISTANCE

Chemical Resistance

Chemical resistance is an ideal option for labels or tags that will be in a factory or workshop where oils, lubricants or other hazardous substances are used. We use speciality materials and adhesives to ensure your products never fall off or deteriorate.

Sequential Numbering Icon SEQUENTIAL NUMBERING

Sequential Numbering

This is an ideal option for many different products like asset labels, test tags or even promotional labels. Include your own sequential numbers to aid with record keeping/tracking (either numeric or alpha-numeric)