Custom Packaging Labels Case Study

Snowgum Distillery 

What we did:

We worked together with the team at Snowgum Distillery to create Custom Packaging Labels for their bottled Limoncello Lemon Liqueur and Classic Dry and Blue Tongue Gin. Both of these labels had quite different specifications, but they needed to be cohesive in the branding and appearance. The bottles also have different temperature requirements, so we had to incorporate a few different printing materials and adhesives.


What we delivered:

For the limoncello bottle we created a unique label to showcase the vibrant colour of the product. The label was created in a custom size and shape, and features unique branding, text and images. The gin label we put together was printed on a semi gloss paper, as gin does not need to be refrigerated there was no need for a more technical material. The gin label also features customised sizing, and text and images.


Why it's unique:

The most unique and exciting aspect of the limoncello label, we think, is the clear label print. We printed this label on a transparent PP printing stock, specifically to showcase the vibrant yellow colour from the hand peeled lemons. Clear label printing is an excellent option for product packaging as it means your customers can easily see what they will be purchasing. The gin label also started as a simple sketch on pen and paper, and together with our art and design team, we were able to evolve the idea to the distinctive branding, colours and imagery you see on the label today.



Snowgum Distilery Custom Gin Labels

Create your own:

Custom Packaging Labels are the perfect option for anyone looking to bring something new and special to your products. Designed and manufactured right here in Melbourne, we guarantee they'll have a unique look and feel that can't be created anywhere else. Find out more.


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