Custom Packaging Labels Case Study

Burnn Candles 

What we did:

We were very excited to work with Burnn Candles in Melbourne recently to create some unique and luxurious Custom Packaging Labels for their range of soy candles. These labels had to work in seamlessly with the existing branding, and really enhance the experience for customers purchasing a candle. These labels do also have to be heat resistant as they will be exposed to flame, and we don’t want them to peel or fall off.


What we delivered:

In total, we produced nine different labels variations for each of Burnn Candles different fragrances, with each design being printed on a seperate roll. The labels feature a simple but elegant black text design to integrate with the branding. We printed these labels on our latest digital press with full colour process print.


Why it's unique:

The feature that really makes these labels stand out is the printing materials. We used a black soft touch polypropylene, which gives a beautiful refined matte finish to the label. The text part of the label was then printed with a slightly shinny stock, and it’s this contrast in textures that creates a really stylish finish. We also used a tough acrylic permanent adhesive, which will ensure the labels stay put while being exposed to a range of temperatures.


Create your own:

Custom Packaging Labels are the perfect option for anyone looking to bring something new and special to your products. Designed and manufactured right here in Melbourne, we guarantee they'll have a unique look and feel that can't be created anywhere else. Find out more.



Image source: Instagram @burnncandles

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