Transforming Recycling in Victoria - New Council Bin System

As of February 2020, the State Government plans to completely overhaul Victoria’s current waste and recycling program. This will be done to make way for a suite of new policies under the Recycling Victoria package, designed to position Victoria as "a leader in reusing, reducing and recycling waste.” 


Why you need Recycling Education Labels:


As you would already be aware, a key component of this new rollout is the introduction of a new colour coded kerbside bins. A project as big as this will require a significant level of explanation and education for the local public, in order to make the transition to the new system as easy as possible.

So what’s the best way to communicate this new information?

Highly visible, heavy duty, custom made labels to be placed on the bins themselves. That’s where we come in.

What we can do for you:

We want to help make this new bin system roll out and smooth as possible for councils and residents.We worked directly with the Hobson's Bay City Council to create customised labels for bins to communicate and educate the new message, and we can do the same for your council too. We used a heavy-duty, specialised outdoor grade PET material, meaning the labels will be weather proof. We also used UV resistant inks and adhesives for the labels, so they wont fade or fall off in an outdoor environment. These are three different examples of label options:


  • Checklist Label that cover the bin lid, designed to show residents which items should not have been placed in that bin.

  • Shared Bin Label that’s designed to be placed on the front of the bin to indicate that it should be shared

  • Green Thank You Label which is to be placed underneath the lid and thanks the resident for putting the correct items in the correct bins. 


EXELPrint Recycling Bin Label Options  

Why makes these labels unique?

  • We customise the size and shape to exactly what you need. Customised labels are what we do best. It's completely up to you to choose what logo's, images and text you would like on the labels. Our design team are always on hand to plan how the finished product will look. All you need to do is tell us the bin size and label dimensions and we'll take care of the rest. An important project, such as this one, requires a tailor made solution. 

  • Specialist printing materials. We use a heavy duty printing stock that comes with a laminate built-in to the material, meaning they come right off the press scratch proof and ready to go. Other cheaper labels will often have seperate laminate placed on top of the product.

  • UV resistant inks. We use a specialised printing ink with a higher scale for all our outdoor labels. This means the text and images won't fade or bleed, and your labels will always look crisp and sharp.


EXELPrint Recycling Bin Labels Hobsons Bay City Council


Why should you choose EXELPrint?

We’re a small business with big capabilities. All our labels are printed right here in Melbourne, with access to a dedicated customer service officer, high quality materials, and fast turnaround times.

We already know exactly what to do and exactly what you need! You won't have to spend time searching for someone to print labels to match your specifications. We’ve tried and tested all kinds of options and created a superior product that makes your job easier.