Custom Inspection Labels Case Study

Plus Passive Fire

Plus Passive Fire are experts in niche industry of passive fire safety. They specialise in audits, certifications and inspections to ensure their clients remain compliant with fire safety standards.   

Custom Inspection Labels

What we did:

Plus Passive Fire approached us needing to create a Custom Industrial Inspection Labels. These labels needed to be extra strong as they would be applied to a whole range of different surfaces, like concrete, timber and plaster in extreme environments.


What we delivered:

We initially delivered a custom label that was created using a Standard PVC material, as this is our go-to product for heavy-duty printing. After some experimenting with samples and discussions with Plus Passive Fire, we realised that this PVC was not going to be effective in in sticking to porous, unsealed surfaces in the long term. So we sent out some more samples of our Industrial Strength PVC, which turned out to be perfect for the job.


Why it's unique:

The labels we created are a custom size and shape, and feature the unique colours and business logos. They also include custom text fields, to fill in information such as the ‘install date’ ‘install reference’ and ‘manufacturer’. The most unique part of these labels is the construction and adhesive. Our unique Industrial PVC has a strength unlike any other material, and that is main reason Plus Passive Fire continue to order with us.


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Plus Passive Fire Custom Inspection Label

Create your own:

We create Custom Inspection Labels according to your exact needs and specifications, with unmatched toughness. We regularly design labels for all kinds of applications, and no job is too difficult. Find out more. 

We cater to wide range of requests, and tricky applications are our speciality. If you have a custom product you need created, please don't hesitate to get touch with us on 1300 393 577 or request a Quick Quote. Or feel free to keep reading the rest of our Testimonials.