How To Make The Most Of QR Codes In Your Business

15 Ways To Use QR Codes For Business, Marketing & Communications


Unique Ways To Use QR Codes In Business, Marketing & Communications

Quick Response Codes, or QR Codes, have become a staple when it comes to communicating information. They can be found almost everywhere, from inventory to advertising, and there are unlimited variables when it comes to how to use them. In this article we thought we would break down some of the most engaging and creative applications we’ve come across for these codes in business, communications and marketing.


QR Codes For Inventory, Business and Tracking

QR Codes are the perfect accompaniment to all kinds of different business operations and processes. Most commonly these codes, like our Pre Printed QR Code Asset Labels, are used to assist in inventory and asset management, but there are many other unique ways to use these codes to effectively manage your day to day operations.

Business QR Code Example: You could use a Custom QR Code Sticker to track when electrical appliances in your office need testing, and keep a record of each test result.


  • Create and keep track of an assest register solution
  • Store complex product information
  • Keep track of rental or hire schedules for items
  • Manage maintenance and servicing requirements for your equipment 

 QR Codes For Asset Tracking 

QR Codes For Wireless Communication

Because QR Codes are so mobile friendly, it makes sense to take advantage of that technology and use QR Codes to help assist with wireless communications. One really common example we see all the time is having a QR Code plaque or label in a restaurant, or public place, available to scan so people can automatically join the wifi network. The versatility of the these codes means they can be set up to assist people in communicating all kinds of information, like location or maps, sending emails, passing on contact details, and much more.

Communications QR Code Example: You could set up a QR Code label to be printed and placed on a product you sell, and if the purchaser of that product requires assistance they can simply scan the code, and it will automatically send an SMS to a customer service or technical support person for help.


  • SMS communications
  • Send emails 
  • Location services 
  • Send contact cards or information 
  • Join a WiFi Network 
  • Communicate between devices e.g. automatically set up a computer and printer


QR Code Communications Example  

QR Codes For Marketing, Promotions and Events

Using QR Codes as a marketing touch point is an innovative way to allow your users to easily and quickly interact with your brand. You can set up a QR Code to point people to almost anything. Direct your users to a video, social media account, sign them up to your email list – your options are endless. Since QR Codes can be printed in all sizes and shapes, and printed on all kinds of materials, e.g. waterproof QR Codes, there’s no shortages of creative ways they can be used to get people to interact instantaneously. 

QR Code Marketing Example: One of our favourite examples we’ve seen recently is including a Custom QR Code on a wristband for the rescue group and charity, Animal Aid. The Custom Wristbands are given to guests attending an event, and the QR Code points directly to Animals Aid's donation landing page.


  • Direct customers to a landing page/website
  • Direct to a video channel or music streaming service
  • Download an app
  • Direct traffic to social media channels 
  • Direct traffic to an online store or ecommerce checkout for instant purchases


Custom QR Codes For Marketing


QR Code Basics

What is a QR Code?

A QR Code, also known as a Quick Response Code, is a two-dimensional version of a Barcode. Traditionally information from a barcode is read horizontally, but with a QR Code information can be read both vertically and horizontally. This means a QR Code can hold a larger volume of complex information, whilst taking up less space. You can read our full explanation of the differences between QR Codes and Barcodes here.

Here at EXELPrint, we use a specialised QR Code generator which allows for a much higher level of customisation – you can include logo’s, colours, and use different printing materials for your codes, and we can program them to do almost anything. Or, if you're after something not quiet as complex, you can design and order your own OR Code Asset Labels online right now, with our Online Design Tool. Our QR Codes are perfect for engaging an audience, and bringing your label or tag to life.  

How to interact with a QR Code:

These codes and the information contained in them can be accessed by using a QR Code Reader. There are many applications available to download for smartphones to allow users to scan QR codes from their device, but most newer smartphones have QR code readers already built-in to the camera function.