Tags & Labels

We manufacture tags for a wide variety of different sectors, each with their own industry standards and inspection schedules. You can choose from either our 'off-the-shelf' tags, which are pre-packaged and ready to buy, or easily custom design your own safety tags to meet your specific needs.

Lifting & Rigging Tags
Ideal for periodic inspections in the lifting and rigging industry, these tags provide industrial grade quality that will withstand the harshest of environments.
  • Ideal for periodic inspections
  • Custom or pre-packaged
  • Wide application use
Off The Shelf
Electrical Test Tags
We use the latest in digital technology to produce high quality and durable test tags for the Australian market. Buy direct from the manufacturer and save.
  • High quality
  • Tough and durable
  • Conforms to AS/NZS 3760
Harness Inspection Tags
Harness tags specifically show the inspection and identification information to ensure the safety of users and prevent falls. They are used primarily for harnesses, lanyards and other fall arrest equipment.
  • Inspection and identification info
  • Dual clasping feature
  • Made from high grade nylon
Metallic Labels
These durable and stylish Metallic Labels create a professional look and feel to the actual product. They can be used for a variety of different applications, all of which can be customised to your particular labeling needs.
  • Professional silver look
  • Easy for barcodes to read
  • Polar and non-polar surfaces
Custom Made
Promotional & Business Stickers
Our Promotional Labels are completely customisable, you have full control over all design aspects such as shape, size, materials and finishes. We have a professional solution for every application, and all Promotional Labels are created using the highest quality materials and printing processes.
  • Full customisation available
  • Suitable for wide range of applications
  • High-quality durable materials
Custom Made
Packaging Labels
Brand your products and packaging materials easily with Custom Packaging Labels. You choose the logo, colours, size, shape, materials and adhesives, and we will print a highly durable label that will always look professional.
  • Ideal for all kinds of Packaging Materials
  • Food Labels
  • Full Customisation Available
  • Bottle Stickers
Contact & Service Labels
These general Contact and Service stickers and can be customised to suit all business applications, including marking assets on office equipment, promotional products, servicing equipment and branding.
  • All business applications
  • Professionally printed
  • Wide application range
Hose Tags
These Hose Tags provide a simple and permanent identification of cable bundles and hose assemblies, making them ideal for the hydraulics and pneumatics industry. They offer full protection against any oils, grease and abrasions, as well as resistance against extreme heat and cold. Hose tags can be customised to suit your particular requirements.
  • Ideal for hose assemblies
  • Customised your application
  • High grade adhesive
Lockout Tags
Lockout tags are designed to prevent workers from accidentally turning on equipment and machinery. These safety tags are OHS compliant and suit a variety of different needs. You can also have the lockout tag customised to create a particular message to suit your requirements.
  • Extra durable design
  • Create your own message/warning
  • OHS compliant
Swing Tags
Our fully customisable Retail Labels and Swing Tags give you complete control over every part of your label. This means your labels can be cut to any size or shape you wish, while also having your own unique design or branding.
  • Professional quality
  • Brand identification
  • Customised business solution