Art Proofing For Printing 

Creating custom printed products exactly how you require them is our number one priority here at EXELPrint. That’s why we want to make you aware of some crucial information when it comes to proofing your artwork for printing. 

How Proofing Works 

The number 1 aspect you must be aware of is colour differences.

The colours on the artproof we send you will all look slightly different, depending on how you view them. If colour is crucial to your job, we recommend you order a press proof, which is a one-off sample of your print job from our printing press. This will always be the closest example possible to your finished product.

If you have any questions or concern about the design of your products, please don't hestitate to reach out to our team. We want to do everything possible to make sure you're completely satisfied with the product you will be recieving before it goes into production. 


Art Proof Example 

1. This is a digital version of the final artwork for the label that is supplied on the artproof. 

 Mikes Honey Digital Label



2. This is how the digital artwork from the artproof looks when printed with a standard desktop printer.

Notice the orange looks slightly darker and muted, while the bottom yellow colour appears lighter.

This is exactly the same artwork, but the ink and printer type can change the appearance.  


Mikes Honey Label Printed



3. This is an image of the finished label taken with a DSLR camera.

The orange at the top looks vibrant, while the bottom yellow colour appears paler.

When taking images, many aspects can change depending on lighting, shaddows and angle of the camera.


   Mikes Honey Label Real Example


These three examples show just how different a label can look depending on the environment or printing techniques. As mentioned above, if colour if crucial to your job we recommend you order a press proof, which is a one-off sample of your print job from our printing press. This will be the best way to see what your label will look like in real life.


Your Proofing Checklist

1. Colours

We request you supply PMS colours if your product is colour critical. We will be able to use a PMS book to check the colour is as accurate as possible. CMYK breakdowns are the other option, but we advise you request a press proof to check the CMYK colour is printing as expected. 

RGB colours are not recommended. We can convert RGB colours and recommend a press proof, but we cannot guarantee an accurate match.


2. Images

Are your photos or images positioned, scaled, and cropped correctly? Are they the right size for print?


3. Barcodes & QR Codes

Please scan Barcodes and QR codes from your printed artproof with the same equipment that will be used. Please also check that the data, URL or numbers work in your software.


4. Text

Please always double check phone numbers, address details and any other numbers that you typically take for granted, or do not check, are correct.  



*Disclaimer: - Please check your art proof (if requested) thoroughly. Take special care to check all text (including phone numbers and addresses) as we do not proof-read your text. We do not check spelling, and your text will be printed exactly how it is supplied, and approved, by you.